Уважаемые стрелки, на имя Президента НАСФ пришло официальное письмо от Международной Конфедерации Стрелковых Ассоциаций (ICFRA), о переносе Чемпионата мира в ЮАР по стрельбе F-class с 2021 года на 2022 год.

To All Member Countries of ICFRA

You will all be aware of the massive disruption to life in general and to sport in particular resulting from the Covid 19 virus. The economic cost to individuals, the difficulties around international travel and closure of ranges in many countries have all led to unease about the wisdom to plan for major international competition in 2021. As Secretary General of your association, I was approached by a couple of member countries and also the organisers of the F-Class World Championships (FWC) to consider postponing the event. I therefore requested the F-Class Committee Chairman, Mr.Jannie Els, to conduct a vote of all F-Class committee members. This vote was carried out quickly and openly and an overwhelming majority of countries voted to postpone to 2022. The decision of the committee has been ratified by ICFRA Council without dissent (please note that voting members of Council are ICFRA Full Members, of which 10 of the 12 nations represented are F-Class shooting nations). I can therefore state that the ICFRA FWC will be postponed to 2022. Please inform all the members of your own national association.

I am sorry to have to announce a postponement to a championship for which you will have both carried out much planning and preparation, but I think it is widely recognised that a postponement will maximise the numbers of nations that will be able to attend and allow all teams to be more fully prepared for what I am sure will be a most memorable and enjoyable championship in 2022.

SABU have informed me that the FWC will he held in April 2022, and that they hope to confirm the exact dates in about two weeks time. They intend to reissue individual invitations to each member country with the new dates, but they will also put the dates on their website when finalised. www.sabisley.com

For those who have competed at previous F-Class World Championships, you will be aware that there is no name or trophy for the F/TR team match which is shot simultaneously with the FCWC team matches and the Rutland Cup for F-Open. I am very pleased to inform you that SABU have very generously agreed to donate a trophy for the match and then for it to be known as the “The South Africa Cup”.

In the meantime, I hope that you and your families are managing to avoid the virus and that you will be able to enjoy at least some shooting in 2020 despite the cancellation of all major matches.


Lindsay Peden (Mr.)
Secretary General ICFRA

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